Our Team

Our Team


FOUNDER – Wim Julicher

Like most new world wine producers, Wim’s background is that of a completely different industry. Having emigrated from Holland to New Zealand in 1972, Wim spent 25 years in the building industry. A profession that taught him the value of hard work, resilience and with more than a dash of Dutch Courage, to see a project through. Although he loves to be in the vineyard, Wim spends most of his time creating, developing and growing Julicher Estate’s very busy export markets.



As Wim’s partner in business and life, Sue comes from a Staff Training and administrative background where she developed an extra-specialist expertise in making sense of the nitty gritty. Always at Wim’s side, and with Ninja finesse, Sue ensures Julicher Estate runs as a strong and successful enterprise.


WINEMAKER – Martin Bell

In tune with the Julicher philosophy that great wine is made in the vineyard, Martin is an attentive yet hands-off winemaker. “My role is to provide structure and depth to the wine through influence as opposed to intervention”.  Allowing our Te Muna vineyard truly speak, Martin's influence has been garnered from an impressive array of qualifications - from Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry to Master of Science in Biotechnology and, once bitten by the wine bug, a Post Graduate Diploma in Wine Science. Martin’s rich experience also includes having worked alongside some of New Zealand’s most renowned producers. 


VITICULTUIST – Derek Mitchell

The heart and soul of any successful wine business comes down to the grapes themselves. As caretaker of those grapes, Derek has been planting, nurturing and managing vineyards since he was 14 years old. Derek has worked in many of New Zealand’s icon vineyards, and we are grateful for his experienced and hands-on approach, that extends to the winery itself during the busy harvest period.


HOSPITALITY - Jack and Sophie

Found abandoned on the roadside as puppies, Jack and Sophie were welcomed with open arms to Julicher Estate. Both take great pride in their general hospitality responsibilities. Always welcoming to visitors and even providing a soft cheek or two for smooching, Jack and Sophie are ubiquitous to the idyllic place that Julicher Estate is.