Julicher Estate Vineyard

Julicher Estate Vineyard is in the south-east corner of the North Island region of Wairarapa.
Situated in the Te Muna valley, five kilometres from the Martinborough Township, the vineyard is part of a region which is internationally recognised as a producer of excellent Pinot Noir.

Approximately one hours drive from the capital city of Wellington the area is known for low rainfall, hot summers and warm days which provide the right balance for producing top quality Pinot Noir.

Te Muna Valley
‘Te Muna’ means ‘secret place’ and the Te Muna Terraces are situated 5 km east of Martinborough village.

The Te Muna Terraces are an extension of the Martinborough Terraces, and run the length of the valley. Several thousand years ago these terraces were the path of the Huangarua River. When the river retreated a few hundred years ago to its present path, the free draining alluvial deposits on these terraces became ideally suited for viticulture.

These stony older terraces are rich in minerals, and combined with the local microclimate, make for excellent grape growing.

The soils of Te Muna Terraces are free-draining alluvial gravel, which are rich in minerals making it ideal for growing grapes. The climate is an extension to Martinborough and similar to Burgundy, being only slightly cooler due to higher altitude, but with long cool summers and low rainfall providing the optimum long ripening conditions for grapes.

Julicher Estate is an accredited Sustainable Winegrowing vineyard, verifying our commitment to environmentally responsible wine production.

 Wherever possible, the vineyard uses organic practices, working with naturally derived resources. Organic based fertilisers made from fish, seaweed or compost, rather than synthetic chemicals are used, and pest and disease sprays are drawn from natural ingredients.

After pruning, the canes are mulched and left to compost, providing valuable nutrients to the soil.